If you or your loved one has had an experience with Traumatic Brain Injury than you know how god damn frustrating and overwhelming it can be. The worst part being is that it effects the MOST IMPORTANT part of a human being and yet until it happens to you or someone you know you don’t know anything about it. There are walks for Cancer, there are people screaming for a cure to the common cold, and yet when it comes to traumatic brain injury everyone suddenly stands there scratching their heads and looking at you like you have ten freaking heads.

I didn’t know about it myself until a little over a year ago, when my own boyfriend coming back from a job interview swerved off the road and hit a tree landing himself in a comma for about a month. My boyfriend is now by most TBI standards doing fantastic, he can read, write, talk and walk. In fact if you ran into him on the street you wouldn’t even know anything happened to him but that doesn’t mean there’s no after effects. That doesn’t mean it’s not hard, and after seeing all different types of Survivors (of TBI) and talking with their support groups I can safely say… I am no expert.

However if you are frustrated, or tired of chasing people around screaming help, tired of no one understanding, and tired of insurance companies trying to screw you over I am here. And hey if you read this blog and think you don’t know someone who has suffered from TBI that’s okay too.


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