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March 22, 2013

Oh God (Where Religion and trouble meet)


At first you might not think TBI and religion are related in any way but a Traumatic Brain Injury affects just about everything. This post however does not just strictly apply to TBI, it can apply to anyone who has to face adversity and seek out religion.

I was reminded of my own short lived stint in the very beginning when I was told of my boyfriend’s ¬†accident (I have decided from here on out to address him as C) I was begging and bargaining to every God and Goddess I can think of, (and I’m an¬†atheist btw.) But in moments of turmoil (especially in something that extreme) it doesn’t matter what you are you want any amount of hope/ control over the situation. Honestly I’m not sure how common it is that this happens but I’m willing to bet it’s fairly common. I made a lot of promises to a lot of religious figures and frankly I’m still an atheist and I don’t plan on fulfilling any of those promises.

Than there are survivors themselves, it is understandable that a lot of TBI survivors turn to religion. It can be a good thing it can help motivate a survivor, give them something to take their frustration out on, and can give them hope. Religion can be a wonderful thing for people who are suffering it can provide support and guidance, it can make people heal faster (not the religion itself but the survivors belief in it) hell if we’re being totally honest a huge reason people are religious are moments like this. When the chips are down, when people are suffering, these are the moments where religion shines.

…I’m not going to lie though C (my boyfriend remember I said I’d do this earlier) didn’t turn to religion. Whether religious or not whether the accident makes you doubt your religion or turn to it, whether or not you think I’m using the phrase “whether or not” too much. Theology can be a huge factor in recovery… or not a factor at all but you’re bound to at least bump into the topic at one point or another.